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Crusaders of Light

Version 3.0
Release date July 13, 2017
By NetEase Games
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HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION •14 Days of Halloween Login Rewards titled “Weeks of Treats” •Login each day for limited time to receive one “Pumpkin Bucket” with a surprise •3 Unique Halloween Themed Mounts to collect: Hashi's Ride, Prestigious Unicorn, Celestial Swing Set •Select UI Themed graphics including spooky designs 40 PERSON RAIDS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS The Desolation Wall has fallen after 700 years of peace, it’s now up to you and your allies to battle the demon hordes occupying your land! Adventure in this Vast 3D Fantasy Open World redefining the MMORPG experience on mobile. Start your journey by selecting either Ranger, Warrior, Mystic, Paladin Classes, each with their own distinct strengths and characteristics. BATTLE SYSTEMS •Join up to 40 guild mates as you take on bosses and collect loot in Dungeon Raids •Prove yourself in Arena Battle with 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 modes and participate to unlock powerful gear sets •Show-off your superior skills and defend your glory as you take part in large scale battles IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY •PC quality graphics to immerse you in this impressive MMO game on mobile •300+ hours of gameplay including hundreds of paths for your hero •Vibrant fantasy world with the ability to reach the coveted legendary status of level 45 CUSTOMIZATION Thousands of available weapons, armor, clothes and more •Collect rare items providing specific advantages which players can combine to become powerful •50 unique mounts from a flying carpet to a fire breathing dragon SOCIAL •Chat with players around the world utilizing the integrated voice system •Take in-game selfies, share personalized heroes, and your favorite moments with friends on social media CONNECT WITH US Facebook: YouTube: Forums: Twitter: Notes: • This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases.