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Flippy Knife

Version 1.8.1
Release date August 3, 2017
By Oleg Beresnev
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WHAT’S THE GAME ABOUT? Learn how to flip knives like a pro, to make a great combos and never miss! Become a true master of 5 different locations and get a great collection of famous knives, swords, axes and fantasy legends! — more than 20,000,000 downloads; — game of the week in 66 countries; — #1 in the top games in the USA, Russia, Australia, the UK, Canada… WHO’S PLAYING? It’s a game for those who loves knives and thrill! It’s a game for the strong and confident. Be on knife edge, take risks and hit the targets! Pick up a knife and stick it into the target! Do it in FLIPPY KNIFE on the subway or in a lineup for a game, in a coffee shop or park, at school or at work! GAME FEATURES: — more than 100 blades with a cool design; — physics-based realistic knives; — 5 different game modes in one game; — awesome graphics from the pros at Beresnev.Design; — more than 50 great award badges; — unique game mechanics; — high-quality support and super updates! = = = = = = = = = COMMENTS “Flippy knife is an exciting adventure. Awesome!!!” – Darrel Ralph, DDR, knife maker “Flippy knife wants you to celebrate knives without bloodshed” – “It’s a unique, and certainly exciting, approach to the high score chaser” – “Flippy Knife – A dangerously addictive game…” – Edamame Reviews “Awesome Game! You gotta try to get our Velociraptor Karambit!” – Atif Shabbir, BucknBear Knives, knife maker” “We feel that the fantastic game play, amazing art and production value represent our brand very well!” – Derek, RavenCrest Tactical, knife maker = = = = = = = = = Use the #flippyknife hashtag and the best content will be published on our Instagram account. Like us on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram: And remember: skill comes with experience! Sincerely yours, Beresnev.Games Team