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Dunk Nation 3X3

Version 1.1.0
Release date July 7, 2017
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DN3X3 is a fast paced MMO sports game, with arcade stylized graphics. It is taking Basketball gaming back to the streets, capturing the feel of half court street ball, and inspired by Hip-Hop. Dunk Nation allows players to link up with friends across the country and compete to be the best 3-on-3 team. The game features dozens of skills, tons of outfits, and wearable items to personalize your character, giving users the ability to express themselves. Career Mode:Compete your way through a gauntlet of CPU challengers, and develop a mastery of the game. PVP Mode: Play 3-on-3, 2-on-2, or 1-on-1. Practice with friends, improve your game, and compete just for fun. Ladder Mode:Prove yourself as a true champion, compete your way up the leader board and let others know who is on top. -Real Time Battle- Team up with your friends, create clubs, and take on challengers together -5 Positions to Choose from- Pick from center, point guard, shooting guard, small forward and power forward. Mix and match positions and employ real-time tactical coordination between teammates to achieve victory. -Create Your Own Style- New threads are released weekly, customize your characters look, Looking good is part of playing good. -Build Your Team- Every position has it's own special attribute and over 20 characters can be signed in order to satisfy different gamers with different demands. Homepage: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Mail: