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Laps Fuse: Puzzle with Numbers

Version 2.8.0
Release date July 11, 2017
By QuickByte Games
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"The replayability of this game is insane, it sucks you in over and over" - The Whiz "This game is brilliant!" - Galactic Thumb Turn... Turn... Connect and Merge! Fuse your tiles together and play for hours with addicting puzzle mechanics in Laps! PLAY NEW GAMES MODE! * Unlock the extreme, furious, and endless modes! * Try them for free and level up to unlock them all UNIQUE MATCH AND MERGE GAMEPLAY ON A CIRCLE BOARD * Rotate around the circle board and tap to shoot your tile * Connect and merge the numbers together and make combos to maximize your high score * Fuse color numbers together to score high and level up! * Time and place your shots to create awesome match and fusion cascades effects COLORS AND NUMBERS FUSION * Match and fuse 3 of the same color numbers. * Switch color with your next tile to get more fusion chances USE GOOD REFLEX TO GAIN LEVELS AND UNLOCK GAME MODE * Level up to start with extra laps on the circle board! * Unlock the endless mode and connect forever by leveling up! * Make combos to gain extra laps in your game Beat the leaderboards and share your score with your friends Do you have good reflex to tap right? Show your friends! Visit us on Facebook and Twitter: