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BuzzVideo: LOL Video Community

Version 6.8.3
Release date July 11, 2017
By TopBuzz
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Do you need a break from your routine? A good laugh to brighten up the day? Are you tired of all the plastic internet personalities? Want to speak up but don't feel heard? Us too. That's why we made this community for hardworking, passionate folks to escape the day-to-day and connect over videos that inspire us, make us giggle, and get us talking. - LMAO - The funniest and most heartwarming videos on the internet - Coolest comment area - See most wild, funny, and inspirational comments - Community sharing - Upload or share your favorite videos, pics, or GIFs - Real opinions - Speak your mind without corporate censorship - Outside the mainstream - Videos and comments you won't find on the other big platforms - Jaw-dropping videos - You won't believe your eyes! - Uninterrupted watching - No annoying video ads during your videos What are your waiting for? Join us – download BuzzVideo now!