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Firework - Fun Short Videos

Version 3.9.4
Release date April 3, 2018
By Loop Now Technologies, Inc.
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Firework is a social community connecting talented creators and passionate fans through short videos. Be Inspired Explore our video feeds to find endless inspiration, from the latest dancing craze to unique talents shared by artists, musicians, athletes, comedians, and more. Connect and communicate with your favorite creators and support friends who are sharing their own stories. Be Yourself With easy creation tools and a simplified design, Firework makes video creation fast and fun so you can quickly share your talents and creativity with friends and fans. Enter weekly video challenges to win cash prizes and participate in viral trends, while showcasing your own style. Be Noticed Inspire and impact the next video trend! Firework features videos based on quality content, not number of followers, so creators of any level of experience have the potential to gain fans on a global scale. From worldwide movements to playful moments, the Firework community is building memorable connections while exploring new forms of creative expression. Join Firework and share your spark!