The Best ASO tool in the business
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Version 4.2.47
Release date August 28, 2014
By Sticks and Brains Inc.
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LOOK — the perfect combination of live video and text messaging Just tap a button to send live video messages to your chats and groups. -- FACE TO FACE MESSAGES Talk instantly back and forth with your friends. SUPER GROUPS Add channels for any subject. LIVE VIDEO Press start and share what you see in real time. TEXT ON YOUR LIVESTREAM In a place you can’t talk? Tap the T to type on your Look. LOOK AWESOME IN CHATS Swipe to add amazing filters or draw. GIFs Millions of GIFs -- search and collect your favorites! EMOJI REACTIONS Respond quickly to messages with any emoji. CHAT CONTROLS Mute specific chats or groups. Delete Looks anytime from all devices. SAVE ON YOUR DATA PLAN Looks use less than half the data of a video call. COMMUNITIES OF ANY SIZE Works with massive groups. EVEN WITH GRANDMA Easy to use and perfect for everyone you know. FREE AND UNLIMITED Chat for as long as you like. LOOK is always free Love, Team Look